The hits keep on coming at Citigroup. The firm's stock is now trading at $6.40, a 24% drop in six and one-half hours of trading Wednesday. Here's a by-the-numbers look at the latest goings-on at the bank.

$34.48 billion

Citigroup's current market capitalization.

$126 billion

Citigroup's market capitalization in April.

$178.59 billion

Citigroup's market capitalization one year ago.

$80 billion

The value of risky "legacy" assets that Citigroup is moving off its trading portfolio and into its investment portfolio or marked "available for sale." These assets include collateralized debt obligations, leveraged loans, mortgage securities and auction-rate securities, according to Bernstein Research. They likely would have qualified to be bought by the government under the first TARP plan to buy
troubled assets.

$8 billion

The value of legacy assets Citigroup kept in its trading portfolio.

$3.5 billion

The estimated fourth-quarter writedown that Citigroup might have to take on those $80 billion of assets when it transfers them, according to Bernstein Research.

$2.8 billion

Citigroup's most recent loss, in the third-quarter.

$2.2 billion

Citigroup's loss in the second quarter.

$9.83 billion

Citigroup's loss in the first quarter.


Citigroup's net income per employee.


Citigroup's return on equity — a measure of management effectiveness — as of Sept. 30.


Citigroup's return on equity as of Sept. 30, 2007.

$800 million

The price that Citigroup paid to acquire Old Lane, Vikram Pandit's hedge fund.

$165.2 million

What Vikram Pandit earned from the sale.

$202 million

Citigroup's first-quarter writedown on Old Lane. The bank closed the fund in June.